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Heal Your Life & Find Your Purpose

Empower yourself with the healing powers of yoga, meditation, and Reiki as a precursor to discovering your true self through an enlightening yoga and life-coaching chakra life mapping journey.

Heal Your Life
13-19 June 2021 & 7 - 13 August 2022


Find Your Purpose
20 - 26 June 2021 & 14-20 August 2022


Many of us go through the motions of life not fully understanding who we are, stuck in a web of unwanted patterns, helplessly living outdated modes of behavior and responses to the world around us, and never finding the key to self-realization, deeper satisfaction, and true personal fulfillment.


The keys to freeing yourself from destructive habits, unlocking your potential, envisioning and empowering your life, your relationships, and yourself can be found through the practices of yoga, meditation, and reiki, alongside the deeper and even more profound spiritual guidance attained through chakra life mapping work.


This is what the Heal Your Life and Find Your Purpose program events are about. We're so excited to take you to a higher level of being and helping you find your true purpose and set up the framework for living the life of your dreams.

Week 1 Heal Your Life (formerly called the "Light Up My Life" program)

Light up and heal your life by empowering yourself with a holistic toolkit that includes enlightening Yoga, soothing Meditation & the healing powers of Reiki.



This program is divided into two sections daily: the Morning Yoga Sadhana with Advanced Healing Meditations and a Reiki I Workshop (or Custom Reiki Treatments Program).


The 90-minute Integrated Holistic Yoga Sadhana will provide you with an inspiring practice to help you tune-up and tune into your body, mind, and breath and is the perfect way to greet the day.


The daily deep-dive sessions will focus on learning and/or receiving Reiki, a beautiful non-invasive energy healing modality. Reiki brings a profound feeling of love and light into all areas of your self and your life. For participants who do not feel ready to learn Reiki, a bespoke Reiki treatment program will be offered instead.

What is Reiki?

Reiki is a system of hands-touch healing where life force energy is channeled via the hands into the glands, organs, and chakras (the body's energy centers).

Reiki is both a spiritual practice and an excellent technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing.

In a standard treatment, Reiki energy flows from the practitioner’s hands into a recipient (and also to oneself). At an advanced level, it can be transferred without touch, through time and space, and can also be used to project positive energy into the past as well as future situations.

Who is this for?

This retreat is for those looking to release, renew, and reboot their overall health and sense of wellbeing with the healing powers of yoga and Reiki.

Week 2 Find Your Purpose (formerly called the "Reach Your Highest Potential" program)

Did you know that there are powerful energy centers, known as Chakras, connected to your body that are responsible for the way you think, feel and act, and that old memories, feelings, and impressions can get stuck in these centers, therefore, holding you back from viewing life clearly and living life at your highest frequency?

Having a deep and harmonious relationship with yourself as well as the world around you is a natural progression to having a profound relationship with your chakras; this is the key to opening up the pathway to your passions, higher life vision, and purpose.


This chakra yoga life mapping journey will help you better understand and balance your chakras so that you can cross the bridge to the next level of self-awareness, compassion, acceptance, and forgiveness in order to walk your path with greater ease, purpose, and joy.


Each morning, the chakra yoga sadhana will deliver a balancing blend of asana, pranayama, meditation, chanting, mudra, and more, in order to bring greater balance and harmony to these key psycho-spiritual energy centers in your being.

Each day there will be a post-practice Chakra Life Mapping journaling workshop whereby we will explore questions taken from the Life Path Awakening Workshop and Reiki Chakra Life Mapping processes, and we will relate the themes that are explored during this process to our 7 major chakras in order to gain a deeper understanding of the interconnection between them and the way these powerful centers influence different aspects of the way we live our life.

There will be short lectures to discuss the qualities and traits that are associated with each chakra center, and we will discuss how imbalances in these areas may influence our thoughts, patterns, and physical self. Techniques and tools to address and remove blockages in the chakras will be shared.

Approach (both events)

Each morning will start with a grounding and centering yoga sadhana to anchor you and allow your day to start with a clean slate. It will then be followed by a delectable brunch, prepared by island native and co-host, Stipe.

Following brunch, we will meet as a group and tackle the topic of the day in an all-inclusive manner that allows for collective sharing, group discussion and deeper insight.


Many of the assignments will be tackled together and individually at the beach where you will find solace in the stunning landscapes that surround you. If there is ever a better place to heal yourself and find your purpose, Hvar Island's untouched inspiring nature is it.



Journaling will be an integral part of our daily sessions so please do bring a dedicated notebook and pen along to the retreat. Journaling helps with the self-discovery process in that all your thoughts and feelings are noted down and act as a reminder or a "map" to your inner world. By analyzing your notes, you will be able to discover patterns, mistaken beliefs, surprising feelings and other "precious jewels" that are there to teach you important lessons in order for your growth and unfolding purpose.

Meet Your Mentor
Evening Marie will be your guide through these two beautiful and inspiring life-empowerment processes.
Who is this for?

This program is intended for those who are walking a yogic, spiritual, or holistic-oriented pathway and are looking for empowering tools to help heal and deepen their connection to Self and Purpose.

It is especially ideal for individuals who are:

- undergoing a major transition 

- are looking to reinvent themselves 

- looking for an empowering self-healing tool

- searching for a deeper meaning to their life


Come prepared to dig deep and dedicate yourself to the process, even when the going gets tough. Evening Marie will support you as you learn to spread your wings to fly.

Program Schedule (both events)
Day 1
  • Opening circle & program intro, grounding yoga & chakra checkup with journaling & discussion.

Day 2 - 6
  • Daily 90-minute Chakra Yoga Sadhana Sessions followed by Brunch. The practice will tune you up and into the body, mind, and breath while focusing awareness on individual chakras, related glands, and organs and bring awareness to states of consciousness related to each energy center. Learn to tune into and balance chakras with asana, pranayama, mantra, mudra, affirmations, and more

  • Daily Heal Your Life workshop (week 1) / Find Your Purpose workshop (week 2) including lectures, Q & A, assignments, journaling, sharing circle, and group discussions 

  • Daily Outing & Free time

  • Daily Dinner + one Cooking workshop + Lunch instead of one Dinner

  • Daily evening group sharing circle to review the daily topic, provide support and feedback to one another in an all-inclusive learning experience

  • 2 x 30-minute personal coaching sessions by appointment with your mentor during the week

  • Day 6: Sunset Meditation (on final evening) and optional dinner in a local restaurant (priced separately) Sunset will be observed and celebrated with a guided meditation 

Day 7
  • Closing Circle to consolidate and reflect on the week's practices and experience

Post Retreat
  • 3 x 30-minute post-retreat support calls with your mentor for guidance and encouragement over the course of one year

Program Package

More than an just a yoga retreat, this life-empowering, healing adventure includes:

Accommodation & Meals

  • A dedicated retreat space designed to support your holistic experience by providing:

  • Ambient facilities and accommodation that help you rest & reflect 

  • Twice daily fresh and nurturing "Dalma-Veg" meals 

  • Free water, mineral water, tea, and herbal drinks at each meal

  • A daily helping of seasonal fruits & treats 

  • Free access to tea corners w/organic herbs 

  • Culinary workshop (Wednesday or Friday)

  • Free WiFi

  • Free access to library of books, magazines, music, films, games & art supplies

  • Free use of a beach towel & foam mat

  • Essential toiletries

  • The comforts of staying in a home away from home

Holistic Lifestyle Program 

  • ​A multi-dimensional Holistic Lifestyle program that includes:

  • A free consultation with our holistic lifestyle coach (on arrival day)

  • Sacred opening & closing ceremonies (Sunday & Friday)

  • Chakra test to assess your overall state of being (at retreat start)

  • A daily integrated Chakra Yoga Sadhana practice 

  • Heal Your Life & Find Your Purpose "deep-dive" sessions​

  • Daily post-assignment group chat that fosters a supportive, all-inclusive learning experience

  • 2x 30-min one-to-one coaching with your mentor

  • Creativity Session 

  • A program manual with daily questions to help you focus on key areas of yourself and your life each day

  • Daily free time to relax & rejuvenate your way

  • Free use of a Yoga Kit (mat, mat bag, block, strap, blanket, cushion & protective foam mat)

Transfers & Tours

  • ​Free transfers from & to the Stari Grad Port

  • Conceptualized daily outings to gorgeous towns, villages & beaches, including:

  • Sunday welcome tour of Dol (the home of Suncokret Center)

  • Town visits from Monday - Friday including: Stari Grad, Vrboska, Hvar, & Jelsa 

  • Tour of the UNESCO-protected Stari Grad Plain (Tuesday)

  • A foraging, harvesting or organic products tasting or making experience (Tuesday)

  • Tour through hidden villages & highlands (Wednesday)

  • One unique soft-adventure on land or sea (TBD)

  • Dedicated free time each day to sightsee, swim, and enjoy various activities & adventures on your own

  • A magical sunset & wholesome celebration (Friday)

Package Rates in Private Rooms

More than just a yoga retreat, sign up for one or both of the 7-days, 6-night program events:
€ 960 6 nights (or) € 1630 13 nights
€ 960 6 nights (or) € 1630 13 nights

A private room with shared cottage bathroom in Earth & Fire Cottage

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€ 1050 6 nights (or) € 1785 13 nights
€ 1050 6 nights (or) € 1785 13 nights

A private room for 1 person with en-suite bathroom in Ether Cottage

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Per person: €990 6nights (or) €1685 13 nights
Per person: €990 6nights (or) €1685 13 nights

A private room for two (twin or double) with en-suite bathroom in Ether Cottage

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€ 960 6 nights (or) € 1630 13 nights
€ 960 6 nights (or) € 1630 13 nights

A private room with shared cottage bathroom in Wind & Air Cottage

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€ 960 6 nights (or) € 1630 13 nights
€ 960 6 nights (or) € 1630 13 nights

A private room with shared cottage bathroom in Wind & Air Cottage

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Per person €1050 6 nights (or) €1785 13 nights
Per person €1050 6 nights (or) €1785 13 nights

Exclusive Booking for two persons in a private 2-bedroom cottage with a bathroom, kitchenette, balcony & patio in Wind & Air Cottage

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Book both event weeks and receive 1 free cross-over night (Saturday) + 15 % discount as shown above

Covid-19 Booking Terms:

€ 50 per person non-refundable but transferable deposit + balance due 10 days prior to arrival

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