Glow Ultimate  You 

12 - 18 July
Be the most empowered version of yourself with this holistic lifestyle makeover

Experience a mind, body and soul transformation that will enable you to become your most empowered version of yourself. Glow Ultimate You is a unique holistic health and fitness journey that will provide you with the fitness, health and wellness tools you need to reconnect into your body and love the skin you are in each day. This retreat is focused on encouraging your own internal inner peace, and re-learning all that it means to be you!



Through combining self-discovery workshops, yoga and meditation practices, nutrition and cooking classes, and fitness regimes, Glow Ultimate You will help you understand your personal relationship with yourself, and learn how to respect the person you are each day.


Working closely with our Lifestyle and Self Love Advocate, Coach Olivia, each participant will break down what is holding them back from feeling truly empowered to be their best versions of themselves.


Suncokret is set in a peaceful Mediterranean landscape on the sunny island of Hvar and is the perfect safe space for you to disconnect and focus internally to relink your spiritual and physical state. By limiting our reliance on technology, practicing on being in the present moment, and participating in self-nourishing activities, this experience is truly life changing.



This retreat will provide you with a better understanding of yourself, feeling and looking healthier, with an overall sense of calmness and well-being. We hope to ignite a flame from within to help you truly glow from the inside out.

Themes & Program Schedule

  • Sunday Evening (at Suncokret): Welcome Circle and Program Introduction - Meet your fellow retreat friends, and debrief about your personal intention for your life retreat, get to know your hosts


Monday Theme:  Bare

  • Morning Practice (at Suncokret) Yoga & Fitness Class 
    Gentle Yoga to open the heart center to our truths followed by Fitness Class: Connection Core and Pelvic Floor class: A warming, heart-pumping fitness class that focuses on using our body to center our core and strengthen our lower pelvic floor, engaging the body for our week ahead.

  • Post-Brunch Life Audit Journaling and Discussion 
    Uncover personal truths behind what you need in order to create real change. What is your intention for your stay and how can we build your personal journey together.  

  • Afternoon (at Suncokret): Nutrition Module 1: The nature of Food
    Participants will receive a personal food education manual, where you will be able to take notes on the 5 Nutrition Modules for the Week.
    1. The Nature of Food ( understanding food and human nutrition)
    2. Why humans Overeat and how to overcome emotional eating
    3. Implementing Healthy Food Choices
    4. Live Cooking Class and Healthy Recipes
    5. Creating your personal Nutrition structure

  • Evening (at Suncokret):  Goal setting & visualization
    Deep Breathing whilst engaging in personal Visualisations of how we want to feel within our body (Opening our hearts to change, welcoming a new version of ourselves)

Tuesday Theme: Vitality

  • Morning Practice (at Suncokret): HIIT Fitness Class: Start your morning by Awakening your whole body with a fun cardio based fitness class that will boost your energy for the entire day. Releasing those happy positive endorphins into our blood with a high- intensity workout, that also increases our fitness levels and forms a healthy body composition.

  • Afternoon (by the sea): Stretch Session, Followed by A moment of Mindfulness: Restore and repair the personal relationship you have with your body by uncovering the power of positive thinking and healing negative connotations towards your body. Through group self-healing exercises, we will begin a journey to self-love and becoming more mindful of the way we mentally treat our bodies.

  • Evening (at Suncokret): Nutrition Module 2: Why Humans Overeat and understanding emotional eating: Participants will learn about how the brain and food connection affects our behavior. Students will also actively participate in engaging activities and mantras that will help them to detach from emotional connections to food and learn techniques to overcome binge eating and emotional eating.


Wednesday Theme: Awakening

  • Morning Practice (in nature): Morning Hike, Hill Sprints & Earthing:
    Embark on a picturesque45 minute hike through the mountain trails of stunning Hvar island whilst reflecting about our personal journeys to empowerment. Boost our energy levels and improve our fitness with Hill Sprints and a HIIT workout. Afterward, guests will participate in a 20-minute “Grounding” or “Earthing” session, where they will directly make contact with the earth through the soles of their feet to reduce inflammation in the body and calm the central nervous system.

  • Afternoon (at Suncokret) Conscious Cooking Lesson (building a healthy meal) + Module 4 of Nutrition, Implementing Healthy Food Choices. 
    Take part in a live cooking class that shows how to build and create healthy meals at home using our food principals and following our nutrition structure.  

  • Evening (at Suncokret): Meditative practices to Cultivate Self-Love 


Thursday Theme: Evolve 

  • Morning Practice (at Suncokret): Strength-Based 45 Minute Leg Workout: Using resistance bands this session will focus on strengthening and toning the thighs, glutes and hamstrings. Our legs are our connection to the earth and by strengthening and forming a mind-muscle connection with them we will be able to feel more functional whilst completing everyday activities in our life. Weak Glute muscles can also lead to lower back pain and other injuries. The focus is on building up Our natural support system to the earth and ourselves.

  • Afternoon at Suncokret Deep stretching & Refocusing Meditation with Journaling: Deep stretching will help to remove built up muscle tension from the week and lengthen our body, followed by a Refocusing Meditation with Free Time for students to fill out journals and create the pillar(s) they need to focus on when they leave the retreat, as well as Action Plan


Friday Theme: Beyond

  • Morning Sadhana (in nature): Deep Core Workout in secret location in nature. This session is focused on utilizing deep pelvic floor muscles and strengthening our abdominals; Followed by a catch-up session with Olivia to put in place a personal approach to your fitness beyond Suncokret: How can we become more active in our daily life at home?

  • Mindfulness Picnic (in nature): Surrounded by the serenity of the natural environment we will refresh and cleanse our minds with a calming meditation practice that will bring us a peaceful moment of clarity, and connect us to our physical body. The session is followed by a wonderful group picnic where we learn how to manage overeating, and learn to recognize our natural hunger signals + disconnect from unhealthy emotional relationships with food.

  • Sunset (in nature): Reconditioning Workshop & Meditation: Focus Pillar 4 & 5 Self Awareness & Environment. This workshop that will allow you to understand what it means to refocus and recondition your mind to make more positive daily choices and habits, how to create personal change and the steps to taking action! The workshop is followed by Kirtan Kriya Meditation for breaking deep habits and patterns.


Daily protocols for all participants:

  • Morning: Before Breakfast Warm water with lemon

  • Before Eating: Deep Breathing & Group Gratitude prayer to our meal.

  • Before Bed: 10 Minute night time Meditation

This program is interwoven into our weekly itinerary, to provide a complete holistic retreat adventure on Hvar Island - the Suncokret way!


Included in the Glow Ultimate You Program Package is a 30-minute Personal Life Coaching session with Coach Olivia + a 30-minute holistic consultation / treatment with Evening Marie

Additional offers
  • 1 hour 1 on 1 Personal Training with Coach Olivia - 60 EUR

  • 1 hour Personal Life Coaching with Olivia - Includes custom Exercise programs and a nutritional plan of action to take home - 60 EUR

  • A la Carte Holistic Services by Appointment with Evening Marie  

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