Life Empowerment Workshops... 

Take control of your life! Align yourself to a higher wisdom, awaken your intuitive powers, and free yourself to live in greater awareness of your Self and your Purpose. Work together with our Spiritual Life Coach and Holistic Therapist, Evening-Marie, to identify and heal physical and psycho-spiritual imbalances, so that you may be free to channel your energy toward achieving your life goals and deeper purpose. 


Reiki Level I & II Training - Awakening & Developing the Healer Within

Reiki is a system of hands-touch healing where life force energy is channeled via the hands into to the major and minor glands, organs and chakras (energy centers). Reiki is both a spiritual practice and excellent technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing. 


In a standard treatment, Reiki energy flows from the practitioner’s hands into a recipient (also to oneself). Reiki treatments can be given while lying down, seated, or even standing. The recipient is fully clothed.  At an advanced level, it can be transferred without touch, through time and space, and can also be used to project positive energy into past as well as future situations. 

Life Path Awakening 

Find your True Self so that you may consciously walk along the path that leads to your highest potential.


This guided, spiritual life coaching process will help you to uncover key aspects of yourself, as you gain useful insight into relationship patterns, personal challenges, dead-end patterns, and/or misguided self-identity issues that have you feeling stuck and frustrated with life. Once key issues are identified and Core Self is discovered, cleansing, renewal and re-direction may take place in a profound way. The end result is as amazing as your deepest desires and dreams dictate... Do you dare to become the maker of your own dreams come true?




Lifestyle Makeover


Consult with Evening-Marie, Suncokret's holistic therapist, spiritual life coach and lightworker, to co-create the ultimate lifestyle makeover program that will help you get back on track in the most profound way! The program can be designed for retreat stays of between 12 or 20 days. The more time you dedicate to your re-creation, the more profound the outcome. 


"Thanks for all your inspiration, for talking and listening, for your understanding and empathy, for all the good moments we spent together, but also for the most difficult ones, because they taught me the most and gave me the opportunities to think outside my box. Thanks for the laughter and the crying. Thanks for encouraging me to reach for the top of the world, believing in my own strength and power! Namaste!" - Ann, Holland (21 day Lifestyle Makeover with Life Path Awakening, Reiki I & Reiki II)

Our Life Empowerment workshops will not only help you break dead-end patterns and heal old wounds, but will also empower you with basic techniques that may be used forever more to keep you in touch with your Higher Self and your life's True Purpose. Evening has walked the path and her life and work stand as living testimony that anything your heart desires is possible, aided with the right tools, intention and support. Let her guide you toward discovering your own path to self-fulfillment... it's not as hard as you think!