Making Your Retreat at Suncokret Safe!

In response to the Covid-19 pandemic, we are committed to doing our part to help stop the spread of the virus by carefully adhering to the safety guidelines issued by the Croatian Government:
Therefore, we will ensure: 
  1. All group gatherings are conducted outdoors, whenever possible, or that there is proper ventilation of indoor meeting areas (the shala, living & dining areas), whenever used, during the retreat time 

  2. Regular cleaning & disinfection of communal retreat facilities several times daily (i.e. pre/post-practice & pre/post-meals)

  3. Physical distancing measures of 1.5 meters (indoors) and 1 meter (outdoors) in all directions is kept between the retreat members (who are not attending the retreat as householders or family members) during group gatherings 

  4. Hand sanitizer is available at the entrance to each cottage and at the entrance of other commonly-shared facilities (yoga shala, communal living-dining area & bathroom)

  5. Meals are enjoyed at appropriately-distanced outdoor tables, dispersed throughout our garden or, if preferred, on the terrace of each individual cottage for the "householders" or group of friends staying in that particular cottage who wish to dine separately from others. In case of the need to dine indoors due to poor weather, we will follow a similar protocol for the indoor spaces.

  6. Small group sizes of up to 9 attendees within our 350 square meter facility in order to ensure there maximal space for and limited sharing of communal facilities among guests 

  7. Scheduled outings are adjusted as necessary to ensure minimal exposure to more densely populated areas during the retreat time

New & Adjusted Package Offers 

We are very much aware that the changing times call for a change in approach on so many levels.
Therefore, we are also offering a range of new & adjusted package offers to better serve the community as we move forward into the new reality:
  1. Adjusted Corona-Age Deals - We believe our services are needed now more than ever before in helping people cope with the pressures and stresses caused by life in the 21st century.

    Therefore, with the aim of making a retreat at Suncokret more affordable for everyone, especially those undergoing financial strain, we have temporarily reduced all our package rates by approximately 10%. 

  2. Excellent Deals on Extended Retreat Stays - The benefit of staying in one place for a minimum of 14 days while traveling abroad in the Covid-19 age is clear; this is the recommended self-isolation time whenever an individual travels from one area, region, or country to another. So why not play it safe, if you have the time and possibility?

    In order to provide a safer and more secure travel experience for our international clientele, we are encouraging attendance of the retreat for a full 14 days by offering an exclusive 20% discount on the already reduced fees for 14-day Extended Retreat Packages (this includes 1 free cross-over night in between program events) and 30% off 21-day Extended Retreat Packages, for a total savings of 30-40%% off our usual prices!

    Such special deals make it more affordable to "self-isolate" in the quiet and comfort our beautiful and harmonizing retreat environment and give you the opportunity to deepen the effect of the retreat experience by providing you with ample time to truly relax, let go, and deep-dive into the holistic tools and lifestyle practices on offer. (Did you know that the minimum time required to change a habit is, in fact, 21 days?!)

  3. Book an entire cottage, not just a room! - We are now providing excellent package deals to householders, families, and friends traveling together who wish to book a cottage (not just a room) for exclusive use during the retreat time. Each cottage comes equipped with private bedrooms, a private kitchen or kitchenette (for preparing snacks only), a private bathroom, and a private outdoor lounge & optional dining area (patio/balcony/deck), which are to be used exclusively during the retreat time.

    Furthermore, friends who have already booked and paid for a shared room together prior to the pandemic are automatically being upgraded into the shared cottage option, as we feel it is our duty to ensure that everyone who travels to Suncokret remains safe by reducing unnecessary exposure to others where possible. We are truly on your side!


  4. Newly designed  "Tag-Along Package" Offers for those who plan to use a personal vehicle while on retreat - This freshly-introduced package provides substantially-reduced package rates for two or more persons traveling together on retreat who plan to use their own vehicle to get around in during the retreat time.

    The package offer includes all the same elements from our Classic Retreat Package, except ferry transfers and daily transport for the scheduled outings.

    Instead, "tag-along retreaters" will follow us from the port to the retreat on the arrival day if they so choose and to the various locations we travel to each day, from the safety and comfort of their own vehicle. This enables safer commuting conditions for all our retreat members and is a great way to "self-isolate" while simultaneously being a part of our community and participating in the full Suncokret experience. So come on down to the retreat by car! We've got free parking on-site, too!

  5. New "Yoga, Bed & Breakfast" basic retreat program package -  this option is intended for those who wish to benefit from the basics of our holistic yoga retreat program while maintaining a higher degree of privacy/flexibility/autonomy during their stay.

    "Yoga, B & B retreaters" are expected to have their own means of transport during the retreat time in order to move around the island freely. The basic package includes accommodation and brunch at the retreat + daily Morning Yoga Sadhana and the options to participate in the welcome & closing circles as well as the Sunset Program on the final evening of the event, if they so choose. The remainder of your stay is up to you to manage on your own, as you like. A la carte services may be added to the package while here, such as drop-in attendance of the afternoon IHYL program, holistic treatments, and dinners.

    *Please note, these new & adjusted Corona-Age offers are only available only to those who book their retreat after these announcements have been published (22 May 2020).

What You Can Do 

Because we truly are all in this together, here are things you can do to support your wellbeing, and the well being of others, prior to and while attending retreat:
  1. Boost your immunity - On a daily basis, we recommend keeping up with a daily mind-body practice such as yoga, eating a rainbow of colors, drinking ample supply of water, getting proper sleep, taking appropriate vitamins, minerals and supplements, as well as eating fermented foods and/or a quality probiotic to support your overall immune health. We also recommend engaging in life-enhancing activities that reduce stress and promote a deeper connection to self and nature, like mindfulness meditation, surrounding yourself with uplifting company, literature, entertainment, and/or spending time in nature.

  2. Limit your exposure to highly populated areas whenever possible and take all recommended, science-backed precautionary measures suggested by a trusted source to protect yourself from exposure to viruses at home and while traveling abroad.

  3. Bring an accurate thermometer with you on retreat - we will ask all retreat members to measure their temperature prior to attending group gatherings during the program. If your temperature is above 37.2 C, you must be willing to isolate yourself in your room immediately and report your condition to the retreat staff so that appropriate medical intervention can be requested on your behalf.

  4. Bring face masks and hand sanitizer with you on retreat - to be used during all group gatherings while on retreat. Let's keep one another safe.

  5. Come with an open mind and heart and be responsible toward yourself and others - be ready to adjust plans as needed while on retreat in order to keep the experience safe and positive yourself and others. Remember, we are in this together!

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