Balance & Bliss Personal Retreat 

Balance & Bliss  

We all recognize that the demands of daily life in the 21st century can be extremely overwhelming and energy-depleting. If you are feeling totally tapped-out or simply lacking inspiration and fresh direction, then it's high time to tap into the inner and outer sources of natural energy that can restore you back to balance and help you tune into your natural state, which is one of bliss!  


Enjoy this adapted online version of our classic retreat program that offers a balancing blend of Integrated Holistic Yoga Sadhana each day. 


Led by Suncokret's Co-Founder & Holistic Yoga Therapist, Evening Marie, this program journey begins with a Welcome Circle to introduce you to the program and help you get ready for the online experience, followed by five beautifully-balancing, 90-minute Morning Yoga Sadhana Sessions and five 60-90-minute Evening Meditation Sessions, including a sacred meditation session, held in front of the setting sun, where you can release the unwanted to make space for the new, more balanced and blissful you! A Closing Circle with the opportunity to provide feedback will complete the experience.



The gentle morning Yoga Sadhana program will enable you to feel into your body, heart, mind, and breath so that you can relax and move more fully into your entire being at the start of each day. 



Deep and profound evening meditation and/or Kundalini Yoga Kriya sessions will refresh your 5 sheaths of being, bringing you into greater alignment with the Source of all creation and ushering in the light of love, creativity, and joyfulness, which is your humanly birthright.



In addition to the yoga and meditation program, you may also dedicate a portion of your online program experience to working one-on-one with Holistic Yoga Therapist, Evening Marie, who offers a range of treatments and workshops, that can be conducted via Skype, Messenger or Zoom, aimed at helping you address areas of your wellbeing in an intimate and supportive way with a highly experienced coach.  



Upon registration, you will be invited to join our online community where you can connect with fellow participants, share and gain insight, ask and answer questions, and uplift one another with your own acts of selfless service.

Your Way

Each session will be available to you any time throughout the entire program length, so you can follow the program at your own pace.  


Who is this for?
The program is suitable for those in general good health with a minimum 3-month regular yoga practice looking for a more dedicated online home experience in which to explore the body, mind, and soul profoundly using the technology of Yoga and its complimentary sister sciences. 
In appreciation of you joining our online community, we are extending a 10% Loyalty discount on any of our Holistic Services and/or toward future online or residential retreat events.
Program Schedule


Welcome Circle 
Monday - Friday
Mornings: 90-minute Integrated Holistic Morning Yoga Sadhana 

Meditation, Pranayama, Tuning In, Warming & Loosening Exercises, Asana Flow, Savasana, Closing Practices & Daily Self-Care Assignment

Daytime Self-Care Protocols: Daily Self-Care Practice + Observation of Yamas & Niyamas, Journaling, Mindful Time in Nature & Connecting to Online Community, Selfless Service

+ Option for One-to-One Holistic Services by Appointment


30-, 60- & 90-Minute IHYLP Sessions, including Satsang (truthful discussion) / Kundalini Yoga Kriyas / Advanced Meditations / Mindfulness Practices / Self-healing Techniques / Journaling Exercises


Closing Circle