Your Hosts - Evening & Stipe 

Suncokret Hosts - Blossoming Like Sunflowers in the Sun 

Suncokret (pronounced "soon-so-kret") is the Croatian word for sunflower, and literally means "sun-revolver", an accurate description of the sunflower's devotional relationship toward the divine light of the sun, which, in turn, enables it to blossom to its fullest potential.


Suncokret is a metaphor for our own journey as individuals, as a couple, and as retreat cofounders. By combining our love, talents, interests and experiences together into a sustainable holistic lifestyle, we have blossomed like sunflowers in the sun.  In return for this incredible blessing, we offer our devotion, services and support as a platform for others do the same.


Evening, a vivacious ex-pat New Yorker, is Suncokret's program manager and residential yoga therapist, healer and spiritual life coach. Stipe, a laid-back Hvar Island native, is a certified chef and agro-tourism manager who also acts as logistics manager and local guide. Together, we form a beautifully balanced, yin-yang team, welcoming you into our home with the hope of sharing a unique retreat journey together with you!


We warmly welcome you to experience the Suncokret Vision - one in which you endeavor to rise to your highest potential under the inspirational sunny skies of Hvar, nurtured within the safe shelter of our retreat space and magical island backdrop, guided by the light of our offerings and of the love and support of fellow pathwalkers!

"Life is made up of energies. They either go apart or attract and find each other. That's how you two are; full of energy, enthusiasm, in love with life, each other, and - very important - what you do! There's so much energy and life in your eyes... keep it that way forever!" - Jure, Slovenia


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