Yoga Detox

Cleanse out the old and make way for the new and improved! Work with the therapist to cleanse toxins from your body, mind and spirit to start a fresh new chapter of your life.

Our detox program is ideal for individuals suffering from digestive disorders, weight issues, and is also ideal for anyone looking to create a symbolic "new start" before initiating a new project, starting a new relationship (rekindling an old one), or greeting the new season with a profound sense of freshness.

Although detoxification is a natural process that we engage in throughout life - we process food, thoughts and all forms of energy - we often accumulate more than can be processed and therefore become weighted down under the heaviness of old emotions and lethargic metabolism. That's when it's time to detox, but it's important to do this safely, holistically and thoroughly.

The program begins with a comprehensive yogic consultation and lifestyle evaluation to determine the areas most in need of cleansing. We will then create a program to help you cleanse the body of toxins, while also working on the mental, emotional and spiritual levels to remove energetic toxins which are draining your energy.

A specially designed yoga asana program will stimulate the organs responsible for waste removal, while pranayama and meditation techniques will help you cleanse your mental-emotional channels.

This total detox program will help you to cleanse yourself profoundly, so that you can regain a sense of flow that is clear, steady and flexible.

You will leave the retreat feeling lighter, refreshed and renewed.

"I came to Suncokret not really knowing what to expect and what I wanted to gain from the experience. Before arriving, Evening was very responsive to my questions via email. She finds out from everyone what they want to work on and what type of practice they usually do, so that everyone's concerns are met.

I decided to go w/ the detox program, and I just wanted to say thanks for all that Evening did for me at the retreat. I can't say the detox process was pleasant, but it worked! I definitely intend on keeping up w/ the practice, so I just need to make sure to follow through!! I had a great time at the retreat overall, and I definitely learned some skills that i can use going forward back home." - Helen, USA, May 2012, Holistic Detox


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Program includes :

  • 60 min. yogic consultation & lifestyle evaluation to uncover areas of your being most in need of detoxification
  • personalized yoga therapy program design to target physical, mental and/or emotional blockages, as appropriate
  • 2 x 90 min. guided sessions with the yoga therapist includes 1 session of digestive system cleansing to remove toxins from the body and key practices to support your cleansing on all levels
  • recommended daily self-practice - w/ optional fasting & silence
  • progress check with therapist
  • optional vegetarian cooking lesson stressing a yogic view on diet
  • written program report to guide you in your practice at home
  • complimentary follow-up consultation by skype or email

Detox Deluxe - try our energy therapy treatments to help cleanse hidden blockages from your psycho-spiritual anatomy, or end your detox process by pampering yourself with an organic spa program of choice.

Contact us for a consultation by email.

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The personal retreat was intense, special and certainly an event to remember for the rest of my life. The intensive way you lead the program works well." - Bambi, Holland, April 2011, Holistic Detox

It was a great experience. it's nice to feel you've worked with the body. I want to keep doing the practices we did... and I'm going to use all your food advice & cooking-eating habits from now on. - Shelley, Holland, April 2011, Holistic Detox