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Centered in heart, inspired by breath, experienced in motion...

Suncokret's Holistic YogaTherapist, Evening Marie, invites you to awaken to a more profound sense of self-awareness, deepen your understanding of yoga as a pathway for complete personality development, and move beyond your perceived limits, so that your spirit may soar free.

Evening is a certified holistic yoga therapist who has trained in a variety of yoga styles and traditions, including Suryashakti Yoga (a dynamic, "mixed breed" vinyasa-flow inspired by the Ashtanga and Shivananda traditions), Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan, and Holistic Yoga Therapy, as taught by Yogacharya Saji at the International Vasishta Yoga Research Foundation in India. She has been practicing yoga intuitively since age 7, and has had a dedicated teaching practice since 2004.

Yoga sessions with Evening offer a refreshing, spiritually-enriching and deeply empowering experience, blending tradition with intuition to render a uniquely transcendental yoga experience that is appropriate for both new and seasoned yogis alike.


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"The best yoga experience I ever had! Your way of doing yoga is beautiful; like a dance and a song." - Sasa, Yoga Teacher, Slovenia

Morning Yoga Sadhana

- Awaken to Your Purpose -

Sunrise sadhana is a daily practice that includes a balancing blend of meditation, chanting, pranayama, asana & deep relaxation, to start your day in a sacred and focused way.

1.5 - 2-hour morning sessions are are held on our outdoor yoga terrace, or indoors when whether requires.

These deeply reflective, inspiring morning yoga sessions will awaken you profoundly; aligning you to your body, mind and spirit while preparing you to greet life's daily adventures with a sense of peace and clarity.

"Your calm, fluid yoga practice helped to put me back in touch with my inner & outer body; attuned to take the world on again." - Jodie, UK

"Your beautiful yoga style has made me fall in love with yoga." - Polona, Slovenia

"Thanks for helping me find the strength to carry myself through a daily yoga practice. I will truly miss this healing sanctuary."- Tania, Canada

"The yoga... well, there are just no words. Just let me know when your DVD is out!!" - Beverley, Canada

"Your yoga lessons are rich in that they offer so many different valuable things. I am grateful for your patience and gentleness with me. It was truly a journey of the self. You are a talented teacher. Namaste." - Marieke, Holland


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Evening Yoga Exploration

- Deepen Your Practice -

Welcome to enriching exploratory evening yoga lectures, meditations, dharmic-boosting gatherings and workshop sessions that highlight foundational yogic wisdom and practical techniques to help you systematically tune up and into your body, mind and spirit, one chakra at a time.

The sessions last 45 - 90 minutes and are held at various locations according to the program itinerary provided.

These exploratory sessions shed light onto the finer aspects of various yogic pathways and styles to help you deepen your practice in new and exciting ways.

"I enjoyed the opportunity to deepen my yoga practice, and experience outdoor yoga at such wonderful spots." - Delilah, USA

"Putting attention on the chakras helped me do the yoga, even though I was a beginner." - Myriam, Holland

"The (outdoor) yoga sessions were given with clear instructions at unbelievably beautiful places. I will miss my yoga with you!" - Martina, Germany

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Personalized One-to-One Holistic Yoga Sessions

Sign up for personalized yoga sessions to meet your specific needs in a safe and thorough way.

Beginners: Often times, newcomers to yoga try out a yoga class or two, only to find that the class they have attended doesn't suit their personal needs. The class might have been to quick or slow, to dynamic or not dynamic enough, etc. Sadly, they quickly give up on yoga as a tool for self-development, not understanding that there are many approaches and styles of yoga, and that finding the right ones, along with integrating the basic philosophy that guides a genuine yoga practice, is the key to developing a truly blissful yoga journey that transforms both body, mind & soul.

Seasoned Yogis: On the other hand, even advanced yogi(ni)s sometimes get stuck in the same patterns in their practice, not knowing how to develop their practice in a more intuitive way that is in tune with their ever changing needs, repeating only what they've been taught to do in a particular style of training. Sometimes this blind type of practice can lead to injury or frustration as the seasoned yogi(ni) tries to force themselves to perform certain types of asanas or other practices which are not really appropriate for their physiology or even their present mental/emotional or spiritual needs.... all because they think, "I've been practicing long enough and SHOULD be able to do this already!" There are no should's in yoga... yoga is a path that unifies all the elements in a naturally unfolding harmonious way, both within a personal practice and in your life.

Personalized holistic yoga sessions with Evening Marie will teach you to tune into your true needs so that your yoga practice can support this path of organic, gracious unfolding personal development and realization. Evening has worked with both beginners and advanced practitioners, designing programs to suit a wide range of needs and goals. Please see our holistic yoga page for more details.


Invocation to the Practice

Cast open the shutters of the window to your heart. Let the glistening rays of the radiant Hvar sun bathe its slumbering dreams in warmth and light.

Breath to the rhythm of the dancing winds and sea, as they whisper subtle messages to your heartbeat. Their sweet serenade caress your soul, a beckoning sound, which calls you forth and sets you free...

Awakened, alas, from a long, drowsy slumber, in touch with your spirit, more so now than ever. You fill with desire to live life anew, as a wave of conviction swells within you.

Arise, Spiritual Warrior, in honor of your life! Give thanks for your blessings, acknowledge your birthright - to live for your dreams without compromise, as you soar through the heavens, with no regret in your eyes.

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suncokret yoga hvar


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