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Pathways to an ancient culture that still thrives today...

During the weekdays, we offer the chance to explore the best of the island's natural, historical and cultural spots via our scheduled but optional daily outings.

On Monday, Wednesdays and Fridays, you will have the opportunity to visit the island's most renowned waterfront towns, where you can visit a number of historical museums, browse through art galleries and specialty shops, taste Dalmatian specialties, or simply enjoy people-watching from a sidewalk cafe. From these places, enjoy a short walk over to the nearby town beaches or even the more distant "wild coves" where you can relax the day away in true Dalmatian style!

On Tuesdays and Thursdays, we endeavor to beautiful spots in nature - our Tuesday outing to the UNESCO world heritage field (or nearby hills and valleys) will introduce you to the island's flora & fauna and ancient farming practices that still thrive today, while Thursday will have you delighting in the simple offerings of a beautiful bay for a dedicated day of swimming, sea and sun.

The scheduled yoga outings included in your Personal Retreat or Summer Retreat package will have you practicing various yoga techniques in mesmerizing spots, full of inspiration and natural beauty. The end of the retreat week is topped-off by a magnificent sunset safari tour that will deliver you, body, mind and spirit, to the divine light of the sun.

The combination of our outings, complimented by your own leisure time exploration, will immerse you in our island's culture in every possible way.

Nature Safari - Town Outings - Free Time

"I appreciate your generosity in sharing your cultures through stories, food and excursions... This is a part of Croatia that can't be described in tour books!" - Marsha, USA

Nature Safari - Bringing you Face to Face with Hvar Island's Heritage

Outing to the UNESCO Heritage Field:

donkey in field
produce picking
nature safari hvar
Meet Friendly Locals
Pick Ripe Produce
Learn Local Customs & Folklore

The Stari Grad Plain: A drive through the ancient Stari Grad Plain will introduce you to traditional farming practices, indigenous plants and animals, as well as domesticated ones. The visit will reveal an impressive cultural landscape that has remained practically intact since it was first colonized by Ionian Greeks from Paros in the 4th century BC. The original agricultural activity of this fertile plain, mainly centering on grapes and olives, has been maintained since Greek times to the present. The landscape features ancient stone walls and trims, or small stone shelters, and bears testimony to the ancient geometrical system of land division used by the ancient Greeks, the chora which has remained virtually intact over 24 centuries. Learn more at UNESCO heritage website.

"Thank you Stipe for revealing gorgeous spots of nature that bring me closer to inner me." - Polona, Slovenia

Spectacular Sunset Safari

church in cave
abandoned village
safari views hvar
Climb to Impressive Church in Cave
Explore an Abandoned Village
Take in the Spectacular Pinnacle Views

Every Friday, we set off on a safari adventure. Join us as we go off road to one of several hidden spots around the island, where time has stopped in its tracks. In these magnificent and sacred locations, we'll enjoy a special meditation with sacred chanting to reflect on the retreat week as we rejoice in the splendor of the setting sun.

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Town Outings

Several times weekly, you will have the opportunity to enjoy free time exploration in our most notable waterfront towns on the island.

Town outings provide the opportunity to explore fortresses, monasteries, museums, archeological sights, boutiques, galleries on your own.

After a brief introduction to the town, you will be able to explore whatever you fancy, try out local delicacies in traditional Dalmatian "konobas", or simply chill out with a cool drink or ice cream in a local cafe.

During the evenings, you are free to venture out into town on your own to enjoy a stroll along the moonlit waterfront promenade, and enjoy street performances and other local festivities. Getting to town and back by taxi is the best and most convenient way to go.

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Quaint & Colorful Waterfront Towns

"Thank you for going above and beyond to show us such a wonderful time, for showing us such beautiful hidden treasures; the magic of the history, culture and cuisine, of Hvar life."- Tania & Rob, Canada

Dedicated Free Time to Relax & Enjoy

Our retreat schedule provides dedicated free time each day, so that you can relax and enjoy yourself in the way that nurtures you most. There are a variety of interesting ways for you to pass your leisure time while on Hvar; including scuba diving, kayaking, free-climbing and more. Of course, amongst our favorites are swimming in crystal clear waters, sipping a cool drink in a local cafe with good company, and soaking up serene views.

swimming hvar
ice cream in jelsa
beautiful views
Swimming in Crystal Clear Waters
Enjoying the Pleasures of Cafe Life

Soaking up Serene Views

"You two seem to be drawing forth the very best the island has to offer." - Valerie, Travel & Leisure Magazine, New York

"Suncokret, and both of you, have left us feeling revived and renewed; with a new perspective on life. it's impossible to capture the week; such positive energy; beautiful yoga on beaches, in ruined villages; Hvar culture & food (including "wild" parties in Jelsa); however what is and has been most special to us is the two of you. Thank you for sharing your joy of life and generous spirits with us It was a truly unforgettable experience! With love & gratitude."
- John & Andrea, Switzerland