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Serve, Love, Give, Meditate, Realize...

With the right support, attitude and actions, any dream can come true!

To be sure we the conditions for your retreat are just right, we've created some general guidelines to help you prepare for your time with us.

We would like to ensure an excellent environment for everyone at our retreat, therefore please take your time to read this page thoroughly; it highlights the conditions and attitudes that set the foundation for a successful journey together.

We're looking forward to sharing our home with you, as nourishing shelter that will house your spiritual sojourn!

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"Kindness, generosity of spirit and thoughtfulness. These are the qualities I admire most in people and you two have them by the bucket-load! Thank you so much for giving me all - and more - that I needed during a difficult time in my life. - Bettine, Canada

Retreat Guidelines

Welcome to a Holistic Sojourn on Our Beautiful Island

Suncokret offers an experience into a holistic way of life and foreign culture, which may be very different from your own.  In order to obtain the greatest benefit from this experience, we ask that you come with a positive outlook, a commitment to learn and, most importantly, an open attitude toward local customs, conditions and standards, teachers and retreat hosts and their teaching techniques and service styles, which may be different from what you are accustomed to.  

Be Informed & Come Prepared

Please be sure to fully acquaint yourself with every aspect of our retreat as presented on this website, including the following core concepts:

  • Be patient with yourself and others and give yourself time to adjust to your new environment. Changes in climate, food, time zones, and, of course, jet lag and lifestyle changes may be challenging. Therefore it is extremely important that you embark on this journey with a sense of adventure and are prepared for the unexpected.
  • Accept the level of self-responsibility required to co-create an open, cooperative, positive retreat environment with group leaders and other retreat guests.

  • Make a dedicated and conscious effort to achieve your personal retreat goals, by welcoming the support and guidance of the retreat leader(s) and, when appropriate, other retreat guests.

  • Be flexible regarding possible change in the program itinerary due to factors such as seasonal restrictions, weather conditions and other unforeseeable circumstances.

  • Co-create “community spirit” by regularly participating in scheduled activities, volunteering in meal preparation, post-meal clean up, and karma-yoga cleanup of personal and communal space prior to checking out.

  • Help us to help you by bringing to our immediate attention any aspect of the holiday that you are not satisfied with. With your mutual cooperation and respect, we will do what we can to resolve issues quickly and effectively.

"Thank you very much for this place. We have discovered Croatia and it has been an incredible opening to another world. " - Masha & Lera, Ukraine &Russia

Finishing a day of taxi, bus, plane, bus and ferry with sunset yoga in the canyon with sea-spray was one of the most memorable experiences of my travels thus far. Thank you for such a magical experience in Dol and around your beautiful Island. - Bianaka, Australia

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Take time out for you...

Health Conditions

If you have a health condition and are unsure whether the yoga or other activities being offered are suitable for you, please consult your doctor before signing up!

Travel Insurance & Visas

For your safety, please be sure to arrange appropriate travel visas and other travel documents, as well as appropriate travel insurance before the start of the retreat. Insurance must cover baggage, medical expenses and the cost of repatriation should you become too ill to continue your holiday, including helicopter rescue and air ambulance.

It is up to each individual to ensure that their insurance is adequate for the holiday they have booked. If you participate in any activities that are available at Suncokret retreat - yoga, safari, town outings, cooking workshops, etc., please be sure that you are covered by the appropriate insurance.


In the case that you need to cancel your participation in the retreat due to unexpected and unavoidable circumstances, we will issue a voucher for the deposited amount, which is redeemable within 1 year of its issue date.


To make a reservation, please send us a request with your name, desired dates of attendance along with the name of the selected program you would like to sign up for. We will confirm availability and be happy to consult with you regarding any questions you may have via email or Skype conference.

Travel Advice